Eurotech International
22 rue des Gaudines
78100 Saint Germain en Laye
Tel: 01 39 10 55 00 / Fax: 01 39 10 55 13
Eurotech International is a subsidiary of Logo holding
Instrumentation close up 1394178373

Repair and Overhaul Management

Large organisations, industrial and service groups have a keen interest in global projects outsourced by the MoD and turn to partners with the expertise and experience in managing supply chain processes such as purchasing, logistics (stock management, quality control, distribution) and guaranteing reliability and traceability.

Eurotech International provides global services to its customers, commiting to a long term partnership. In 25 years of experience, Eurotech International has built a strong reputation and developed a fully integrated information system and a level of services that guarantee its customers a high rate of performance.